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Our Services

  • Mediating legal insurance products of Hungary-based or Hungarian branch offices  between insurance  companies and clients
  • Challenging Insurance companies (through tenders)
  • Offering  tailored insurance counsulting for individual and corporate needs
  • Examining, evaluating , making risk analyses on our partners  current insurance, revealing a possible hidden need and  changing, updating and modifying the given contracts
  • Managing an handling the complete insurance system and  nursing customer communication
  • Our insurance contracts give an up-to-date information of our clients professional  operations  which change from time to time due to the normal lifeline of a company. These changes must be followed by the modification of the given contracts as well, that is why we keep in contact with our partners to get the relevant information in time to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Government sponsored pension-insurances
  • Participating in a quick and professional claims management


Do not hesitate  to turn to us and use our free consultancy.