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About Us

Our company – Euro Sales Kft. – is a 100% Hungarian owned company, with its headquarters situated in Budapest. Since the foundation of the company, in 1999, the main focus as an independent insurance broker firm has always been the dedication of our continuosly developing services at our clients for the price of zero commission.

We always represent our clients’ interest...

Our company always acts on behalf of your clients, we do not repesent an insurance company like any dependent broker but representing our clinents’ needs and interests. Our main obligation is to represent our partners’ best interest adequatly in front of all insurance companies while making sure that the most suitable and optimal advice is given to them.

All of this without any commission…

For our partners all of our services are free of charge, our activity does not involve any additional charges on your insurance costs, on the contrary, we help to reduce your costs by optimizing the insurance fees and terms and by undertaking the management of your insurance system.

We are the light in the dungle of insurance…

The significance of our service is that we help You see your way around the insurance market which we offer by representing the client exclusively.

We guarantee that when negotiating with insurance companies our main priority is to represent the best interests of our client , therefore choosing and offering the most suitable insurance stucture, build up the most optimal contract and in case of casulties our whole professional backoffice team is there to support You in any way.

Efficiency, support and power..the keyword is: Alliance

In order to represent in most cases defenseless  clients’ interests against the insurance companies in the most efficient way, our company is a member of the Hungarian Insurance Broker Alliance (MABIASZ) which includes the interest groups of the majority of the Hungarian insurance broker firms and who while putting aside their own interest are striving to step up collectively against the insurance companies and regulators. (